Jet Tent

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"All in all, the most impressive fast deploying ground tent I have ever seen. It is no wonder why Oztents are so popular down under."

"Whenever I go camping, I put my Foxwing up becuase its so fast to put up and to take down . The best piece of camping equipment I have ever bought."

"... the Jet Tent by Oztent is quick, easy and even relaxing. With no assembly required and with a small pack size of only 1.1m length x 0.3m depth and height in its waterproof carry bag, the Jet Tent really is hassle-free."

"Pitching the Malamoo 3-second X-tra tent always turns heads. One second you are holding a large disc in your hands, the next second your tent has unfolded itself in the air and is falling back to ground."

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