Product Description

The Oztent Eyre is the perfect first step into the Oztent range. The Eyre E-2 is perfect for those couples who camp casually, are after a lighter option and don’t want to spend big. At a setup size of 94" wide and 102" deep, the Eyre E-2 still boasts the signature Oztent 30 second setup and comes with a fly.

Made from waterproof 300D Ripstop Polyester with a 210D tape-sealed polyester floor. Every Oztent Eyre is guaranteed waterproof when used with the supplied fly. They are also covered by a full 2-year warranty and come with side, rear and roof windows and a zippered power inlet. All necessary awning poles, pegs and ropes are included. Comes complete with a heavy-duty carry bag.

Key Features
Easy setup in less than 30 seconds
Original patented aluminum frame
Durable and tested waterproof material
CPAI-84 fire certification
Includes awning and fly
Sleeps 4 - 5


30 Second Setup

The unique functional frame of the Oztent Eyre enables setup within 30 seconds. Use your saved time to do more important things!


Options Available

The Eyre E-2 can be kitted out with the Eyre Complete Panel System, enclosing the awning to add protected living area to your tent.


Included Awning

Our awning is built into the Oztent. No need for installation, just undo the straps and roll it out.

Certified Fire Rating to CPAI-84

This is a US standard indicating that the material is rated to withstand a certain amount of heat and exposure to sparks/fire before it catches fire. Please note that this doesn’t mean it is completely fire-proof.

New Stitching Process

We have moved away from the traditional binding on side seams to a flat stitch. This allows all seems to be tape sealed and even more waterproof.

New Awning Structure

We have moved the awning back to the front seam. This allows for a more waterproof seal by protecting the front binding and also changes the zipper configuration to one zipper for easier installation of side panels.

Includes Fly

We have now included the fly with the tent. The use of a fly in a single skin tent can greatly reduce the amount of condensation in colder weather and keep the tent cooler in warmer weather.