Product Description

The HotSpot Lumbar Pack is a fantastic addition to any camp chair to keep it warm through winter and cool through summer. Just place a HotSpot Pouch inside and it will strap to any camping chair. It can also be worn around the waist with a HotSpot Pouch to keep the body warm through winter.

Key Features
Fits most chairs
can be strapped to the waist
Insulated to ensure maximum heat transfer
Large pockets can also hold phones and other items


Heat-Insulated Pouch

The HotSpot Lumbar Pack is cleverly designed such that the exposed side is insulated for heat. This ensures that heat is primarily transferred through to your body for longer, rather than being lost to the elements.


Wide Range of Uses

Use your HotSpot Lumbar Pack with your HotSpot Pouch to heat anything you can find to strap it to. Whether that's your camp chair, your waist, or a pillow, beat the cold weather without breaking a sweat.


Large Accessory Pocket

What could possibly warm the deal further? In addition to an incredible passive heating experience, the HotSpot Lumbar Pack includes a large pouch with a headphone cord outlet to allow for accessories. Keep your phone, wallet and keys in a warm and secure location while you go about your duties.