Product Description

The Oztent Furniture range provides an option for everyone. The King Goanna Chair is for those for love soft material armrests, a lower seat and a comfortable headrest. Add this to our patented lumbar support, strong construction and insulated drink holders and you have an exceptional camp chair.

Key Features
Patented adjustable lumbar support
440lb weight rating
Insulated drink holder
Machined aluminum feet
Fully padded for maximum comfort
Headrest for carry bag storage


440lb Weight Rating

Be confident in the integrity of your chair. Able to support up to 400lb, the King Goanna Chair will not let you down.


Adjustable Lumbar Support

Gone are the days of wriggling in your chair to find a comfortable position. All Oztent camp chairs come with our patented adjustable lumbar support for maximum comfort.

Why sit at all if you're not comfortable?


5-Year Warranty

Built on a heavy-duty steel frame, the King Goanna Chair is extremely durable. With 5 years of Manufacturer's Warranty on each King Goanna Chair, you can rest assured that your new King Goanna Chair will keep you comfortable for a long time coming.