Product Description

The Oztent Side Table is a much-needed addition to the humble camp chair. This adjustable table gives you a surface to put your dinner on, read a book on or simply somewhere to rest your drink. The swivel mechanism gives you the ability to angle the table however you would like. You can also easily adjust the height.

The Oztent Side Table will attach to ANY camp chair with a 19mm straight leg.

Key Features
Easy installation - attaches to any straight 19mm leg
Mounting bracket can stay attached once installed
High-quality construction
Angle and height adjustable
Holds 5kg (11lb)


Multi-function Accessory Table

The Side Table is the perfect camp chair accessory, providing a sturdy platform for your laptop, book or dinner plate. Choose your desired table angle with the handy swivel mechanism and easily adjust the height of the table to suit your needs.


Attaches to Any Staight 19mm Leg

The Side Table is equipped with a joint that can be fastened to any 19mm chair leg. Enhance your camping experience with the chairs you already own.


Holds up to 5kg

The Side Table can hold the mightiest of dinners and the bulkiest of devices with a weight rating of 5kg. The limit is your imagination.