Product Description

Once you’ve set up camp and started the fire, it is time to sit back, grab a cold drink and put your feet up.

The Sidekick ticks all the boxes – it can be used as a fishing stool, a footrest, a small table or even somewhere to put your portable fridge. The Oztent Sidekick can achieve all this through a clever transforming design. The hard side-flap folds out of the way for use as a stool or footrest, or can be secured to the top of the Sidekick to convert it into a stable surface to place your fridge or other camping gear.

The Sidekick is made with a steel frame and is weight rated to 242lb. Not only that, but due to its design, when you fold down your Sidekick it is only about 3" wide, so you can easily find space to fit it in for any trip!

Key Features
Stool, table and footrest
Insulated drink holder
Solid flap to create flat surface
242lb weight rating


Three in One

The Sidekick can be used as a stool, a table and a footrest. The convenient hard side-flap is foldable to allow for a solid surface when you need extra support. The versatile accessories flap includes two large pockets, as well as a smaller pouch and an insulated drink holder. With so many uses, the Sidekick is an easy addition to your gear.


Compact Design

For a piece of gear with so many uses, you may be expecting a compromise on storage size. The Sidekick is here to dash your expectations.

Packing flat, the Sidekick will easily fit into your already-overloaded vehicle. Why waste precious space?


5-Year Warranty

On top of supreme versatility and manageability, the Sidekick is extremely durable. With 5 years of Manufacturer's Warranty on each Sidekick, you can rest assured that your new travel companion is a new life companion.